Officially starting on another sweater. Now I know for sure that I have some weird hangup in which I get really antsy if I’m not working on a sweater.

The pattern I’ve chosen is called Kyra Boatneck Pullover. It’s a basic lace and cable pattern from the bottom up, drop sleeves, and minimal shaping/finishing. Unfortunately the pattern is written flat and with 6′ of positive ease. I’ll have to do some calculations once I get my gauge swatch done.

In all likelihood I’m thinking of doing it with reduced ease, possibly 4″ instead of 6″, and making it in the round and then splitting at the top for arm holes and finishing. I’ve done this before with the PurlBee Lattice Top, so I’m fairly confident it will be alright. The difference here is that I will be doing sleeves or some type of sleeve, which will negate the need to decrease stitches for roundness at the shoulder.

Another major concern of the pattern is that it does not have charts. The lace/cable is written and there is a basic measurement schematic for the body and sleeves. Alas, no chart. Based on the completed projects this doesn’t seem to be a problem and many people are able to get through it without a problem.

The yarn I’ve chosen is Shepard’s Wool Worsted Super Wash in the Lilac colorway. My LYS only had three skeins in stock, but I should have enough for a decent length in the body with shortened sleeves, as I had planned on doing anyways.


Also since I’m reducing 2 inches on the body width that will give me more yarn for length. Each skein is 250 yards, so the master plan here is to do two skeins on the body in the round, third skein will be neckline finishing. Leftovers will be allocated to the sleeves.

I’m also concerned about where the hem of the sweater will cut off at my waist and will probably do maybe 4″ of ribbing instead of what appears to only be about 2″. This modification is still up in the air though.

Besides these adjustments, I’m pretty excited to have another layer I can have over my dresses this coming winter…three days away…haha

So far my anti-pants mission has been going well. =)

Also I need to start planning for items to knit to wear in Ireland! Yep, we are definitely going next year! XD



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IMG_1495IMG_1493So close to completion! I’ve cast on for the button band, but I haven’t completed it yet. The small size is large enough in length, but super teeny in all other respects. I was hoping that it would be a loose fit, but I guess not.  I will most definitely need to block the arm pieces aggressively once it’s all said and done otherwise I’ll have to give this to someone who is both short and teeny.


IMG_1491 For a first time making a sweater in months on top of learning a new technique, I’m rather pleased with myself. I like the inset sleeves and the overall construction. Unlike raglan sleeves, the inset sleeve make a nice shoulder area instead of a rounded draped look. The seaming makes me a little worried about the bulkiness of the edge, but I tried it on and it didn’t puff up weirdly like I was expecting! A nice surprise there.

I’ll hopefully get this done by the end of the week and wear it to a friends boardgame party this weekend. It’s gonna be worn a lot this Fall!!

Stash Update!


Here are my one skein beauties! Ok, there are a few in here that are two skeins, but nothing is over 100gs. Next year’s mega-KAL theme is going to be one skein items. Things like hats, accessories, etc. I’m excited! After collecting them all in one spot I realized that these make up about 1/3 of my usable yarn. Oh small stash, how I love thee.

Here’s what I got:

Top row –

  1. Lace weight
  2. Fingering weight
  3. Lace weight
  4. Fingering weight
  5. Lace weight
  6. Bulky weight

Lower row –

  1. Worsted weight
  2. Fingering weight
  3. Fingering weight
  4. Heavy DK weight
  5. Lace weight
  6. DK weight
  7. Worsted
  8. Bulky weight
  9. Fingering weight
  10. Fingering weight

Some of this stuff you’ve seen before in previous posts about the Stash Sale at Pearl Fiber Arts or on my projects page on Rav (which are now frogged). The dark purple, third in the top row, is a purchase from my first Rose City Yarn Crawl over 3 years ago! I’ve been holding onto two skeins of this squshy beauty unable to decide on a pattern…sigh..

I will do more hunting around the apartment as I feel that I’m missing a few skeins from my recent escapades.


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firstanniversaryThere’s nothing so good as being able to see with your own eyes. Nothing as good as being able to view the world crisp and clean and bright. Yesterday was that day for me. I finally retired my old glasses. They’d been my constant companion for about 5 years.

They came with me on some of my greatest adventures: Getting married, going to Costa Rica, Weird Al concert, excessive window/online shopping, etc. The trip to Costa Rica really did them in though. When I got back the lenses were truely done with life and the color on the frame was flaking off.


Out with the old and in with the new!

New Specks:

Brand – OGI     Model – 5506 in Brown/Mauve

Eyelashes do not touch the lenses…soooo happy happy happy!!!

After getting my glasses fitted by the awesome staff at Eyedentity, (Dr. Clouse also knits, whut whut!! =D) I wandered outside to snap a quick picture of this little beauty hanging out. Portland could use more Daleks.


At that point I decided it was a good idea to walk home (Better to walk than to get motion sickness on the bus). Since my prescription did change quite a bit everything was both stereoscopic and incredibly clear. Trees and shrubbery were coming at me from all sides and the sidewalk was coming up at me. About five blocks in my brain started to adjust.

I passed behind the Hawthorne Safeway to stay out of the sun. Good or bad, this guy was staring at me and followed me about 10 feet. It’s amazing all the extra stuff I notice now that I can see more. The glasses are at least 1 cm wider and the lenses are much taller as well. Not only was I noting this little fellow keeping an eye on me, but other people (Dudes, I’m taken. And yay peripheral vision!) passing by on the street.


So obviously…or maybe not so obviously, I went to get a boba.
MMm numnum! Honey Milktea with Strawberry jellies! One of my ultimate favorites!


Tl;dr – Walked 5 miles, got glasses, got a boba, saw a Dalek, creeped out by a crow and some dudes looking at me.

October also happens to be Noriko’s birthday month! YAY BIRTHDAYS!

She’s hosting a KAL on ravelry that will extend through October to November. Prizes include free patterns and a (yet to be decided) skein of yarn from Dragyn Knyts! Any pattern published on ravelry by NorichanKnits is 30% off with the code bdaykal and each completed project are eligible for 1 entry in the raffle. Better get crackin’ I’ve already started on my first entry! (Read more about it here).

The Bohemian Cowl (Knitted). Size: Large


Now I know what you’re going to say,

“Marilyn! Those waves! It’s feather and fan??? But you hate feather and fan!!!”


It’s not feather and fan, thank the yarn gods. It’s a k2tog and kfb stitch pattern. YAY! No YO’s that get lost and cause mayhem.

Yarns I’m using are coming from a few different places with a few different weights:

  • Quince &. Co. Finch (fingering)
  • Madeline Tosh (dk)
  • Knitted Wit (dk)…I think…

I have one more in my stash that is a heathery colored purple/blue, but I haven’t decided if I want to add it in just yet. Three colors should be good, especially since the madtosh is such a vibrant red color. Depending on which buttons I decide to use, or pin perhaps, I can foresee this getting a lot of wear already! =D

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Lucy has a talent of presenting her paws when cozied up for snuggles in bed.

One paw out means she’s pretty relaxed and doesn’t mind a bit of jostling that occurs when we join her. Two paws out means she’s pretty much ready for sleep if not already asleep. Warm enough that she isn’t balled up or harassing us for comfort.

Only when two paws are out and crossed am I allowed to safely touch her jelly beans.



Granted she bit me a lot last night because I wouldn’t let her rub her cold wet nose all over my arm: dab dab dab hey wake up and pay attention to me dabdabdab meowwwm.

Lucy has started a habit of getting into bed before either of us are ready. She usually pads down for the night in one of the chairs, so when I haven’t been able to find her, she’s been on the bed napping. I’m not sure why she’s doing that since the apartment isn’t very cold; and especially last night since I was cooking chicken. Totally not like her to be dis-interested. I guess taking care of her dad who was home all day yesterday with a cold tired her little kittiness out.

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One of my favorite knitwear designers is Thea Coleman, aka babycocktails! As noted previously in my project post on Paloma, I’ve been wanted to knit sweaters all year and finally decided on a bulky weight fast knit. Funny enough, most of Thea’s designs are not in a bulky weight yarn, but rather the standard fingering/dk weights.

babycocktails A lot of her patterns, if not all, have a very feminine and unique detail in stitch work or yarn type that I really like without being overtly colorful or dramatic: subtle but not boring, cute, cozy, snugg, and stylish. And she is PROLIFIC. Her patterns page is split up into object categories with a well photographed image of the finished piece. Also if you notice, her patterns are all named after drinks! Her ravelry username is babycocktails after all.

These are the patterns I hope to make in the next year or two!

This weekend my husband and I went on a quick trip down to Canby, Oregon to the Oregon Flock and Fiber festival. I hadn’t planned on going so I wasn’t quite in the mindset to take photos of the animals: sheep, goat, rabbits, and alpaca were present in all their glorious fluffiness. (The angora were particularly in fluff mode, so cute!). Overall the festival seemed less clumped together like the last time I went a few years back. The exhibition hall was far more organized, but the knitted garments display with ribbons was not as impressive…although the items themselves were quite nice.


I picked up just a single skein, for souvenir purposes of course, and two buttons made with vintage Czech glass molds. I just couldn’t resist the sparkles! The bigger purple one is going to be used on Paloma. Tulips and purple AND Czech glass holographic style? Heck yea!

Pretty excited to make something with the yarn. It is Bijou Bliss Lhasa Wilderness in Black Cherry set to be available on their website on the 1st of October, score! The husband and wife partnership hail from Denver, Co. and made the trip up for the festival!

I was given a sample of the Allure wool wash that they make as well. The skein smells amazing (I have to keep it far and away from Lucy and her sniffy nose) and I’m hoping the Allure wool wash is the same scent.

It is also super super soft like a really fine merino blend, but it’s 75% Yak down and 25% bamboo! I have a feeling that this is going to become a nice hat or a small cowl for the coming winter. Just need to decide on a pattern >.<


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IMG_1387 Sometimes I wonder what the Juice is thinking.

She’s a small kitty, with big emotions. I’m pretty sure she’s always contemplating escape routes, but then just decides to take a nap instead.

Her little boopable nose is just unbearable sometimes and I have to bother her. It’s only fair. She bothers me every chance I get to sit on the couch by sitting on me, and invariably my knitting. Stabby McClaws is too precious to turn away. Or is that my own fault for not having boundaries with the cat? Nah…

“Pffft,” I say to those human rules we try to impose on house bound animals!

I wonder if Jonathan will let me dress her up for Halloween this year.

I could easily whip up a little pirate vest, or a kitty sized wig, or a cape! Nananananananana Bat-Cat!!

Sometimes I can hear her thinking, “Why are you doing that?”, “I want to kill that”, “OMGOMG I JUST POOPED”, “Stop looking at me.”, “Why aren’t you petting me?”, “Yeah…I’m not moving”, “Where’s Jonathan?”, etc.

I get the “Where’s Jonathan?” a lot in body language and meowing communication.


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