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Relationship Goals

Sometimes, I just wanna chill with Lucy. Snuggle down with her in a sunny patch on the dining room floor. Let her purr and drool all over me. The Baby and the Swing

Kyra – sweater project kickoff

Officially starting on another sweater. Now I know for sure that I have some weird hangup in which I get really antsy if I’m not working on a sweater. The pattern I’ve chosen is called Kyra Boatneck Pullover. It’s a basic lace and cable pattern from the bottom up, drop sleeves, and minimal shaping/finishing. Unfortunately… Read more »

Mew Cave

You such a cutie-pie, Lucy!

Paloma Progress + Stash

So close to completion! I’ve cast on for the button band, but I haven’t completed it yet. The small size is large enough in length, but super teeny in all other respects. I was hoping that it would be a loose fit, but I guess not.  I will most definitely need to block the arm… Read more »

Personal Upgrade

There’s nothing so good as being able to see with your own eyes. Nothing as good as being able to view the world crisp and clean and bright. Yesterday was that day for me. I finally retired my old glasses. They’d been my constant companion for about 5 years. They came with me on some… Read more »

1 Paw, 2 Paw, Snugg Paw, Sleepy Paw

Lucy has a talent of presenting her paws when cozied up for snuggles in bed. One paw out means she’s pretty relaxed and doesn’t mind a bit of jostling that occurs when we join her. Two paws out means she’s pretty much ready for sleep if not already asleep. Warm enough that she isn’t balled up… Read more »

Cocktails & Bliss

One of my favorite knitwear designers is Thea Coleman, aka babycocktails! As noted previously in my project post on Paloma, I’ve been wanted to knit sweaters all year and finally decided on a bulky weight fast knit. Funny enough, most of Thea’s designs are not in a bulky weight yarn, but rather the standard fingering/dk weights.  A… Read more »

Thinking Cap

 Sometimes I wonder what the Juice is thinking. She’s a small kitty, with big emotions. I’m pretty sure she’s always contemplating escape routes, but then just decides to take a nap instead. Her little boopable nose is just unbearable sometimes and I have to bother her. It’s only fair. She bothers me every chance I… Read more »