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July, I have not forgotten you

Well this month surely sped by at the speed of The Flash. Here’s a quick photodump of what I’ve been up to lately:

Starting Off With a Cheese

A cheese and wine festival that is! So many tasty treats! So many cute fluffy dogs! So much wine to taste! This is the first year we’ve gone and it was super packed! With the addition of a $5 credit and a free wine glass with entry fee of $25 (for cheese and wine) what’s… Read more »

Between Two Shoes

One of Lucy’s favorite things to do is to keep tabs on us. The easiest way is to be between us and or within view of us. Two Christmas’s ago Jonathan bought a cardboard castle for the kitty-poops. It fit directly between our computer stations so she could laze, scratch, and be within paw reach…. Read more »

For the Ever-Loving Cute

I have since…five minutes ago, devised a new official title for Lucy:   Her Royal Highness Princess Lucifur Hynes. Commander of the Fur-Bot Legion. Slayer of the Teddy-Bear Terror. Conqueror of the Dyno-matic Catnibis Culprit. The Chosen One of Paw-sessive Forearm Fluffy Bites. And Elite Rustler of the Plastic Plateau.