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Wet Cat Food: You’re Going to Have a Bad Time

I always want my kitty around. She makes me laugh and smile. I always want my kitty around to cuddle. Even when it results in the vile. Yup, the Lucy-furr has started biting aggressively again on a regular basis. It may indeed be entirely my fault though. I started feeding her wet food semi-regularly and… Read more »

Day Dreaming at Work

While I’m sure it’s a common occurance, I have had rare opportunities to have fully blown crafting day dreams. All yarn and knitting related of course. I’ve had dreams about opening up an etsy shop of my handspun yarn, one of the most recent, and dreams about going home and eating a juicy medium-rare steak… Read more »

Pet Grass Adventures: Part 1

I mentioned last week that we bought Lucy new food. To be precise, we’ve put Chubberina on a diet. Along with this diet we have included Kitty Yums Tasty Chicken Treats and I am attempting to grow her some gluten free pet grass. Now if you know me you should realize the tragedy that is… Read more »

Nibble Nibble

Lucy is a fairly typical cat. She sleeps, she eats, she poops. In typical cat like fashion she one could associate her daily behaviors with that of an infant. Her eating patterns on the other hand, are strictly Grazer level. Grazer: eating from a single source of food, such as a food bowl. A single… Read more »

The Two Day Crisis

Lucy hasn’t been eating regularly since we gave her a flea bath a few weeks ago. At fist I thought it was because she was upset at us, for obvious reasons. In addition to the flea bath, I have been moving furniture, sweeping and vacuuming her favorite hang outs, and otherwise disturbing the peace. Jonathan… Read more »