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Spin Spin Spin!

And not the stationary bicycle kind! I now have two skeins of sizable length in which to make sizable shawls. The first being the three ply I made earlier this year in white and blues. The second is a merino of similar quantity, but in mostly pinks and purples. This second one I am Andean plying, aka… Read more »

Cheating on my cat…not really

Out and about this Easter Sunday I happened upon a neighborhood cat in the Alphabet District. Little guy was not interested in people, but rather on munching the green-way greens. I got a few shots of him partaking of his daily green. I’m pretty sure he knew what he was doing. The area is not… Read more »

Four for Four

Yep today I managed to leave the house wearing four handknits! What I got going on: Rivoletto Mitts Paulette Shawl Llana Sweater Make This! Hat I’m not going to post a selfie…because I don’t do those things. But dang do I feel super cute today! Portland had a fall, but I think we just fell… Read more »