In the bag. This is the last work day of the month!

I guess it flew by, but this week has definitely dragged on. So lets talk about happy things, like ME and my projects! =)

First off I have to mention that my hair is finally long again. Long enough to pull back into a little pony tail. I forget how this makes my face look much narrower, how much I look like my mom, and how Korean it makes me appear as well. Heh. I am what I am, and I no longer have poof going on at the shoulders. Mid-April I believe will be the 1 year mark since I cut it really short before our Costa Rica adventure and I do feel like my hair growth has slowed somewhat. It may just be due to the perm though. By this coming May I’m sure it’ll be a nice mid shoulder length with plenty of styleability.

Ok now for projects:

  1. I’ve started plying my master project. I grossly miscalculated how much yardage each ply was going to be. I may end up in the 300 yard range by the time I’m done. I haven’t even gotten half way through and my spindle is almost at capacity!

  2. Christmas spinning results are in and it looks like my Mountain Sapphires will be a little neck warmer. Nice and thick! I’m doing a basic garter stitch scarf, but to spice things up a bit I’m going to drop sections and reloop them using a crochet hook to make big stitches. I’m pretty stoked for this even though the scarf isn’t going to be that long. Will be making a button border at the end.
  3. Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Knit Along: That’s a mouthful. It’s started! Clue 1 came out this week Wednesday, and the next three clues will be coming out once a week for the next three weeks. I’m pretty excited and thankful I had the foresight to ask Cindy for help picking colors! I did keep to the plan and I’m excited how the cowl is going to turn out!
  4. Master Plan Spinning Project 2 is manifesting itself. Noriko released a bulky weight hat last year that I want to spin yarn to make. Yeah bulky, yeah spinning for an actual project, yeah yeah!!



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This may have been one of the most productive weekends I’ve had in a while.

To start things off:


Old hair

Old hair

Curled up!

Curled up!








SATURDAY: Portland Retro Gaming Expo, AND got started on the Consummate V’s Hat for Noriko’s Birthday KAL.

Ikaruga This is a man.

A man and his Ikaruga.

A man and his Ikaruga that he’s been searching for.

Searching for longer than we have been dating and married.

He finally found it.

(I apologize for the potato quality photo. I was trying to catch him in the act.)


Portland Retro Gaming Expo


All of this minus the Silver Gamecube we scored at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. And yes, yes that is a little sewn project bag. Yes, it will be used for knitting. And yes, she had other sizes that could easily accommodate as a dice bag or otherwise gift bag for said expo purchases. But YES! Finally I have my own copy of Tales of Symphonia!


These fine gentle-people were all playing Starwars Battlefront for the original X-Box. That’s right. All of them, playing one game, together. There were approximately 25 systems up in this section of the arcade. Insane!!


And this setup was all Atari. ALL.


And this! This was the setup for the Tetris World Championship Stage! For serious.

SUNDAY: laundry and cleaning and omg LOOK. A wild cat on her couch!


Also, I finished the Consummate V’s Hat and blocked Jonathan’s scarf. Finally done with that scarf!!


Consummate V’s!


Hatfield #2


Bohemian Cowl






The Bohemian Cowl was also completed this week. That means I have two complete entries into the KAL giveaway. I’m really gunning for that skein of yarn.

Guh! So tired today, back at the grindstone.

Coffee GO!

Coffee GO!


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