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July, I have not forgotten you

Well this month surely sped by at the speed of The Flash. Here’s a quick photodump of what I’ve been up to lately:

The Real P.D.X.

For the curious, here’s a blog that features factual points of interest in image form about Portland, Oregon. Images date back as far as to the mid-1800’s! Especially for those who are moving to this awesome city, a little bit of a history lesson might help with understanding those of us who have been here… Read more »

Follow-a-Blog: A Beautiful Mess

I like cute things. Cannot. Resist. Cats, hamsters, stickers, food, clothing, accessories, etc. etc. etc. With that in mind I may have come across the number one blogging duo that provide inspiration and information without a lot of verbal fluff. Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess I’m not going to make a list of… Read more »


We have submitted to Comcast… The good side of this is that I got some pretty damn cute pictures of Lucy-purr being trapped in the bedroom.   With ourselves strapped to the back of the Comcast turtle, even Lucy will have to make some sacrifices starting with her waistline. She didn’t get any Christmas presents,… Read more »

Home Sweet Home

We’ve moved! And the little kitty-poo-poo is a happy camper! New things to sniff, new windows to look out of (second story), mountains of boxes to hide behind and lounge upon! The first night there I could tell she was very pleased with the move. More to come!