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No Time Like the Past

Bwahahaha I’m aliiiiive. Sorry I skipped you November. You were a good month of healing and getting reacquainted with the Midsommer Murders mystery show on Netflix. I’m still healing from the surgery, but things were not as bad as I thought they would be. I barely needed the harder pain killers and was just fine… Read more »

Next Steps

Hello! Here’s an update. The surgery has been scheduled. I’ve already gone to my pre-op appointment. Things seem to be ok now. I have about a week and a half until the 23rd. Going to miss Halloween, Kumoricon, Jonathan’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and possibly Christmas. =( All in all, it could be worse. I was originally… Read more »

Mega-Kal 2017

The first round of the mega-kal this year has come and gone. So many awesome sets of hats and shawls or cowls! Next up is Legs and Arms? Well hands? Well whatever. No hard and fast rules in the group! Keep things fluid so that FOs and not UFOs are generated. On my list is… Read more »

April Update

Hello!!! I haven’t updated in AGES! First post of April and it’s already over half way through the month, my bad. A lot has happened over the past few weeks that I’m just now getting settled into a routine for work, housekeeping, cat attendance, knitting, and other…crafting… So, in that order: Work. Things are kinda… Read more »

Happy 2017!

HELLO THERE! Welcome to 2017! I’m so excited for 2016 to be over already. Some hardcore celebrities and childhood hero’s died over the last few months that melted into the holiday season…so…I dunno, not a whole lot I can say that hasn’t already been said. But as far as feels go. Have you seen Finding… Read more »

Little bit of Lace, Little bit of Bulky

Have you ever worked with lace weight yarn and found it to bring out the hater in you? Have you ever worked with lace weight 100% mulberry silk yarn and found it to break your knitting spirit? I think for this entire year I have a grand total of 5 FO’s compared to last years… Read more »

Narf! Shawl

Narf! Pinky is one of my all time favorite cartoon characters. Sure he wasn’t all brains, like Brain, but his unique way of looking at the world and his creative intelligence, though a mouse cartoon, is just as important to embrace in society today as a PHD. So I have named my shawl made with… Read more »

Project Roundup

Current WIPs — Gehry Wrap: 50% done Frosty Acorn: 85% done RCYC MCAL – 65% done Polwarth/Silk Spinning: 30% done Crosspatch Spinning 50% done Burton Vestigan: 50% done, need to get more yarn Mayu – 85% done, need to finish sleeves Jonathan sweater attempt #4: Just started Playground shawl: A grudgingly 10% done, might frog… Read more »