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Cheating on my cat…not really

Out and about this Easter Sunday I happened upon a neighborhood cat in the Alphabet District. Little guy was not interested in people, but rather on munching the green-way greens. I got a few shots of him partaking of his daily green. I’m pretty sure he knew what he was doing. The area is not… Read more »

Hello March

You’re almost a third of the way through and I haven’t talked to you at all! I finally managed an FO! I spent a few hours fiddling with the super bulky pink yarn I had spun and plied earlier this year and finally made myself a beanie. Tips for next time: 2-ply bulky and don’t… Read more »

Argyle Sheep 2 Cool 4 You

Well hello there Monday morning email!! What do you have in store for me today? Today I got an email from the Black Sheep Society. (See my post here about their first launch.) It was apparently a huge flop, which they humbly admit to. Myself, I’m not entirely surprised though I probably wasn’t their target… Read more »

January is already gone

In the bag. This is the last work day of the month! I guess it flew by, but this week has definitely dragged on. So lets talk about happy things, like ME and my projects! =) First off I have to mention that my hair is finally long again. Long enough to pull back into a… Read more »

Kyra – sweater project kickoff

Officially starting on another sweater. Now I know for sure that I have some weird hangup in which I get really antsy if I’m not working on a sweater. The pattern I’ve chosen is called Kyra Boatneck Pullover. It’s a basic lace and cable pattern from the bottom up, drop sleeves, and minimal shaping/finishing. Unfortunately… Read more »


One down, two to go! Christmas is just around the corner and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a long time since I was truely excited to give gifts. Mostly because this year I feel like I can afford to give some well thought and meaningful items. But anyways, onto some selfish stuff: I did… Read more »

My Precious…

This may have been one of the most productive weekends I’ve had in a while. To start things off: FRIDAY: GOT MY HAIR DID!   SATURDAY: Portland Retro Gaming Expo, AND got started on the Consummate V’s Hat for Noriko’s Birthday KAL.  This is a man. A man and his Ikaruga. A man and his Ikaruga… Read more »

Can’t Talk, Too busy

For serious, can’t talk. Too busy. So here’s a photo of a bunch of Shepard’s Wool. I didn’t buy them all, sadly. But I did manage to get first dibs this time instead of picking off the leftovers. =D  These two are the ones I got for myself. Not entirely sure what to do yet,… Read more »