For serious, can’t talk. Too busy.

So here’s a photo of a bunch of Shepard’s Wool. I didn’t buy them all, sadly. But I did manage to get first dibs this time instead of picking off the leftovers. =D

IMG_1500 IMG_1509These two are the ones I got for myself. Not entirely sure what to do yet, but there’s plenty yardage for a cabled slouchy hat or a pair of mismatching finger-less mittens. Unfortunately the skeins I bought are too different to use together easily. That’s why they’re called Crazy!

If I can’t think of anything, they’re likely to be added to my one-off collection aka stash, and then used next year for the mega-KAL.

Why is it so difficult to choose a project?

Generally I have difficulty due to two factors: Color and Cost. First of all, if I don’t like the color of the example project I have difficulty imagining it with a different colorway. If the yarn at my disposal has a uniqueness to it, I’m also less likely to use it because if the nature of it being a one-off purchase. Which comes to issue no 2. If it costs too much in yarn then it is more difficult for me to want to make it. Typically though if the color, size, complexity, and imagery of the project comes together in such a way that I can imagine myself wearing the piece near daily; I am more likely to purchase the pattern and obtain the correct yarn for it.

I live in a town where there are at least 10 different quality yarn shops. And each of these shops overlap in some products, but are also varied in style and stock. I buy Quince n Co. at Twisted when I make their proprietary patterns. I buy Yak and Silk luxury merino blends from independent dyers at Pearl Fiber Arts. When I become wealthy enough, I’ll probably buy Brooklyn Tweed at Knit/Purl. And if I have a baby or finally get a puppy, I’ll probably start frequenting Dublin Bay for their Frog Tree and imported Irish yarns.

I’d probably go crazy if I frequented any of the other ones. So many different millers, spinners, dyers, designers, and notions!

When’s RCYC 2016?…March…right…squee!!


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IMG_1495IMG_1493So close to completion! I’ve cast on for the button band, but I haven’t completed it yet. The small size is large enough in length, but super teeny in all other respects. I was hoping that it would be a loose fit, but I guess not.  I will most definitely need to block the arm pieces aggressively once it’s all said and done otherwise I’ll have to give this to someone who is both short and teeny.


IMG_1491 For a first time making a sweater in months on top of learning a new technique, I’m rather pleased with myself. I like the inset sleeves and the overall construction. Unlike raglan sleeves, the inset sleeve make a nice shoulder area instead of a rounded draped look. The seaming makes me a little worried about the bulkiness of the edge, but I tried it on and it didn’t puff up weirdly like I was expecting! A nice surprise there.

I’ll hopefully get this done by the end of the week and wear it to a friends boardgame party this weekend. It’s gonna be worn a lot this Fall!!

Stash Update!


Here are my one skein beauties! Ok, there are a few in here that are two skeins, but nothing is over 100gs. Next year’s mega-KAL theme is going to be one skein items. Things like hats, accessories, etc. I’m excited! After collecting them all in one spot I realized that these make up about 1/3 of my usable yarn. Oh small stash, how I love thee.

Here’s what I got:

Top row –

  1. Lace weight
  2. Fingering weight
  3. Lace weight
  4. Fingering weight
  5. Lace weight
  6. Bulky weight

Lower row –

  1. Worsted weight
  2. Fingering weight
  3. Fingering weight
  4. Heavy DK weight
  5. Lace weight
  6. DK weight
  7. Worsted
  8. Bulky weight
  9. Fingering weight
  10. Fingering weight

Some of this stuff you’ve seen before in previous posts about the Stash Sale at Pearl Fiber Arts or on my projects page on Rav (which are now frogged). The dark purple, third in the top row, is a purchase from my first Rose City Yarn Crawl over 3 years ago! I’ve been holding onto two skeins of this squshy beauty unable to decide on a pattern…sigh..

I will do more hunting around the apartment as I feel that I’m missing a few skeins from my recent escapades.


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A cheese and wine festival that is!


So many tasty treats! So many cute fluffy dogs! So much wine to taste! This is the first year we’ve gone and it was super packed! With the addition of a $5 credit and a free wine glass with entry fee of $25 (for cheese and wine) what’s not to love? I got Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog and Truffle Tremmor, which were only $5 each. So I used both our credits and didn’t have to shell out any cash.

Afterwards I headed over to my friend Alanna’s for a game night/birthday party. We played Exploding Kittens, Camel Up, Blank Cards (? I think that’s what it’s called), and Concept. The only game I’d played before is, of course, Exploding Kittens. Out of all the games I’d have to say Camel Up was the top dog for the night.

But the one thing that had me at hello was this washer/dryer combo:


Just look at this beauty! It’s a clothing washer…and then dryer!!!!! No switching loads, no dropping socks on the floor, all packaged in a chromed up spaceship pod looking thing! And side loading!!! omg….I bad…WAAANT…!!!!!

Le sigh…

And here’s my progress for Noriko’s Birthday KAL.


And she has also posted the prize skein of yarn on the forum! Super cute! So far I think I’m in the lead for the raffle since no one else has started yet. Granted we have until the end of November…I could probably pump out 2-3 of these guys for Christmas presents this year and win that skein…muahahah….

Yeah…whatever mom…


Have faith in my knitability, Luce-Purr!!! =/



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I haven’t knitted a sweater all year and I’m feeling a serious itch. I’m in need of a nice, soft, squooshy covering that has enough going on that I won’t get bored knitting it, but not so much that it will take over my life. The majority of my knits so far this year have been cowls and shawls, so the pattern would also have to give enough lee-way for possibly wearing them in conjunction without turning me into a sweaty mess.


The result of my Ravelry search brought me to this little beauty: Paloma.

Bulky weight yarn: check.
Textured stitches: check.
Learn a new Technique: check.

Paloma is written by Thea Colman of Baby Cocktails. I’ve made another sweater by her called Baileys Irish Cream. Unfortunately, I wore it too much in the winter/spring of 2014 and it felted/pilled because I didn’t use a superwash yarn (totally my bad). The patterns she writes are very clear and technically accurate.


I’ve been wanting to try a bulky weight pattern for a while, so finding a bulky weight yarn seemed like it would be easy. Except not. I knew I wanted superwash and I knew I wanted something pretty. What I don’t ever want is expensive, heavy, or acrylic. Knitpicks Biggo ended up breaking the tie. This is a 50% superwash and 50% nylon fluffy mix. It has a little bit of a fuzzy halo, but nothing unreasonable, so far. At 100 grams a skein as well, it feels like a light and fluffy newborn kitten.

Biggo - Iris Heather

The color I’m going with the Iris Heather. And so far it’s living up to my expectations. The example Paloma is a solid pinky/peach color, which is fine, but with the texture I wanted something with a bit more depth and feel of luxury. I want a sweater that people really can’t find in the store, but still in style.

Comparing the item to the colors show on the knitpicks website, it is more on the grey side than the purple side. But the heather and nylon give it almost an iridescent glow which I absolutely love!


Biggo - swatchIMG_1314

Pattern gauge is 3 stitches and 5 rows per 1″ in double seed stitch pattern on size 10.5 (6.5mm) needles. I measured slightly smaller than gauge using 10 (6.0mm) needles before wet blocking.

The pattern notes that gauge is very important especially when working with bulky weight yarns. Even the slightest bit too big and you’re going to end up with an over-sized garment. Luckly, I came in slightly under! Good enough.


As usual I will be making the smallest size possible: 36.5″ @ approx 900 yards. I still haven’t quite figured out if the 4″ of positive ease is a part of the pattern or if the model is wearing it that large on purpose. Either way 36.5″ is big on me to begin with. Biggo comes in 110 yard skeins. In addition to the one I purchased for testing, I need to buy 8 more.


Arm length – shorter arms = using less yarn! I will be shortening the arm length and maybe adding a thumb hole.

Shaping – The common theme I see from completed projects, even the example photographs, is that the backside arm hole is fluppy, baggy, and folds in a weird way. In all likelihood I think I will decrease one or two more stitches than called for at the arm hole area to 1 + give my shoulders more space and 2 + keep the back of the sweater from looking frumpy. Based on Thea’s notes though this may not be necessary. The look in the examples is with 4″ of positive ease where the smallest size gives only about 2-3″.

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IMG_1136Date Completed: July 22nd, 2015 RAV

Project: Paulette

Yarn: Vixen by Thoroughly Thwacked

Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate

Notes: So many purl stitches! This is a test knit I did for my good friend Noriko. Her pattern is being debuted at the Thoroughly Thwacked trunk show at Pearl Fiber Arts this weekend. Super excited to show off my completed project to the crowd!

A number of people seemed to have issues with the total yardage to complete the project and were running out. I ended up with leftovers. Not a whole lot mind you, but enough to not feel the squeeze when it came down to the last of the lace repeats and the bind-off.

By weight I have 0.33oz(approx 9g) of Menthol and 0.20oz(approx 5g) of Royal Blue leftover.


Since I was using a cable that was too short for knitting shawls I was really shocked when I was doing the bind-off. The shawl itself is very very large. Probably the largest I’ve ever done so far in my knitting experience.  It really hit home after soaking and laying it out to block. I had to remove the middle pad so that I had enough wingspan to get the top edge as straight as possible.  It took up the whole half of the dining table!

Stacey of Thoroughly Thwacked did some new  color dyes for this project and for her trunk show. Menthol was one of her previous colors, but the Royal Blue is a new one. I really love how rich the color is, even the Menthol though it is quite a bit lighter. The silky sheen is best seen in my pictures of the leftovers. Vixen so soft and light you’d almost mistake it for lace weight!

There are some other really great color combinations in the test knit group. I’m not sure if I will knit this one again since it is so large, but I did enjoy the simple repetition.



The weather is still a bit too warm to wear at the moment. If it gets down to the 70’s…like it’s supposed to this weekend, I could wear it during the trunk show! =D

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As I’ve mentioned before, Lucy likes to put her person on all my things, especially when I’m knitting, aka not giving her pettings and snuggles. Last night as I was working away at the 2015 Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Knit-a-long, she managed to yet again snoop her little nose through the knitting cables to put her whiskers into my face….sigh…too damn cute.

We’ve also been notified that the boilers that control the heating in the building have been put in a reduced schedule because of the weather being so warm recently. (All the blizzarding happening in Europe and the East Coast). Lucy is not pleased that the heat is not on during the middle of the day.

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Knitting is one of my crafting hobbies. Knitting while watching tv lounging on the couch with Jonathan and the cat perched on the back of the couch.

This weekend Lucy decided that she wanted to sit on me. This is fairly normal, but I happened to be using longer circular needles as I am making a long scarf/cowl…and instead of on top of the knitting, as she usually parades across me to mash my parts into a comfortable nest, she went into the knitting: through the loop, between my arms, paws and head forward, as if she was working her way through a blanket to the optimal snuggling position on my lap with whiskers directly in my face.  Jonathan tried to get a picture of it, but only managed a flashed shot of my arm. Silly little Lucy cat.

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