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Spin Spin Spin!

And not the stationary bicycle kind! I now have two skeins of sizable length in which to make sizable shawls. The first being the three ply I made earlier this year in white and blues. The second is a merino of similar quantity, but in mostly pinks and purples. This second one I am Andean plying, aka… Read more »

Kyra – sweater project kickoff

Officially starting on another sweater. Now I know for sure that I have some weird hangup in which I get really antsy if I’m not working on a sweater. The pattern I’ve chosen is called Kyra Boatneck Pullover. It’s a basic lace and cable pattern from the bottom up, drop sleeves, and minimal shaping/finishing. Unfortunately… Read more »


Date Completed: April 23rd, 2015 RAV Project: Adama Yarn: Tosh Vintage in Composition Book Gray Difficulty: Easy     This may be the easiest cowl I’ve ever knit! Also possibly in the running for the fastest. It took maybe a weeks time, about 20 hours. I would definitely recommend this for someone who is starting out… Read more »

White Swan

Date Completed: April 15, 2015 RAV Project: White Swan Yarn: Knitpicks Stroll Tonal in Pearlescent Difficulty: Easy     Overall I like how this turned out, but it did remind me how much I dislike knitting feather and fan. *Shudders*. I’m not sure if it’s because it looks tacky, or because I always miscount the… Read more »