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Moving Forward, No Steps Back

Today marks the end of an era. Today is the last day of my two weeks notice and I’m trying to contain my glee and excitement for what is to come. To be fair, I wouldn’t consider my 5 years here a complete loss. I’m not afraid to talk to clients I’m not afraid to… Read more »

End of the Year Reflections

Sometimes when I’m by myself, my mind wanders to the most hurtful things that have happened in my life. In particular, there is one moment of realization that I had as a pre-teen that set the mood for the rest of my teenage years. It is also one of the most important things for me… Read more »

Oh crap, September is almost over.

Right, so it’s the 20th already and I haven’t posted my vacation pictures, my WIPs, or any updates on le kitty. MY BAD. LOLZ. Ok, for serious now. Hi, how are you doing? To be honest, I’ve been suppressing a desire to vague-post something incredibly serious that is happening on the Facebook where I will… Read more »

Happy 2017!

HELLO THERE! Welcome to 2017! I’m so excited for 2016 to be over already. Some hardcore celebrities and childhood hero’s died over the last few months that melted into the holiday season…so…I dunno, not a whole lot I can say that hasn’t already been said. But as far as feels go. Have you seen Finding… Read more »

Friday the 13th

Nah nothing creepy to report here! The only coincidental happening would be that Jonathan decided to go into work late which resulted in him randomly running into a friend of ours who happens to be our mailman, and who is married to my hair stylist. #smallworld Speaking of the world: we’re down to 12 days… Read more »

How I Waffle

So I’ve been debating on a dress for my thirtieth birthday. There I said it. Turning 30 in about a month from now. And, I’m having difficulty deciding what this post should be focused on. (I’ve restarted it for a third time now.) Lets take it by decades: 10. I turned 10 in 1996. I… Read more »


One down, two to go! Christmas is just around the corner and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a long time since I was truely excited to give gifts. Mostly because this year I feel like I can afford to give some well thought and meaningful items. But anyways, onto some selfish stuff: I did… Read more »

The Glass is at the Half-Way Mark

But who gets to say where that mark is actually placed? Who gets to set the terms of success or failure? What benchmarks have to be hit or missed? That struggle between having enough and having just enough. Does that make me greedy¬†or does that make me needy? When I try to help myself, but… Read more »