This was me in March of this year, minus the pneumonia, except actually almost pneumonia.

I had the flu. =/

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I haven’t actually been depressed in a long time. There are current events in the news that are depressing. Days at the office that make me sad. Yet overall, since being with Jonathan I’ve had pretty much every emotion in the dictionary, except depression.

But at the same time…I’m struggling to pay my bills and my husband feels obligated to overwork himself for my sake, and the company I’ve been with for the past two years has yet to offer me full-time employment…  These are all fixable things. This is not a permanent situation nor a permanent solution to other self-esteem issues that I will save for a later post. This is my reality that I’m working to improve.

This is my last year of my 20’s. I got married. I went camping for the first time. I got my fist visa stamp in my passport. I got my name changed. I got a road bike.  I cracked my shell and applied to some larger corporations around town, I have knitted project on display in a yarn store, I connected with friends I hadn’t seen in years, saw Eddie Izzard live thanks to one of said friends…Lucy loves me as her adopted mother, my sister got into university, my brother got steady girlfriend, and none of my relatives have died.

I have things worthy of complaining about, but I also have a lot to be thankful and appreciative for.


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