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Here’s to Two!

Two weeks into our third year of marriage and I have to say I’ve gotten two things that I severely needed, more than jewelry, more than yarn (yep): Emotional support Family time At the beginning of the month we had a surprise visit from my cousin Janet and her husband Kannan. We had just seen… Read more »

How Do You Mew?

Sometimes I feel like she’s trying to tell me something. Something like “Stop taking pictures of me.” or “What. Is. That?!” If this cat could talk I’m not sure if she’d sound like a cranky toddler or just straight up sassy. Yet most definitely of all her non-verbal communication skills, the barks and bites would… Read more »

Majestic Kitty

Last week I took the opportunity to work from home. Jucy Lucy Pooty napped on a blanket on the couch most of the morning which created the most opportune lighting for some good daylight shots. Of course she never really gets a choice in the matter. And here she is, in all her kitty fluff… Read more »

Relationship Goals

Sometimes, I just wanna chill with Lucy. Snuggle down with her in a sunny patch on the dining room floor. Let her purr and drool all over me. The Baby and the Swing

January Bites

This year has started off with a bang. And by bang I mean bites. And by bites I mean Lucy. She has managed to: a) draw blood b) bite attack the both of us c) bite the top of my foot I’m not sure if its the holiday vacation we just had, or if something… Read more »

Nibble Nibble

Lucy is a fairly typical cat. She sleeps, she eats, she poops. In typical cat like fashion she one could associate her daily behaviors with that of an infant. Her eating patterns on the other hand, are strictly Grazer level. Grazer: eating from a single source of food, such as a food bowl. A single… Read more »

Hello, My name is Lucy…

Lucy-cat is a small cat. A small, fluffy, snuggly cat. A cat of all cats and a cat for all cats. She is a purrbaby, a furbaby, and like all cats she is a butthole.