Where technology meets the ocean and a hat I don’t want to knit twice.

So I have a problem with knitting. This problem is that I don’t like making things twice…might be why I still haven’t been able to make a pair of socks and sleeves are the spawn of satan. But anyways, the Skyping Beanie was one of my husbands favorite hats, until it got stolen. (Some jerk somewhere out there has a nice merino cashmere hat). I took this as an opportunity to tweak the pattern per his preferences: large fold over brim and tweed yarn. Continue reading Duchess of Dyepots & Free Pattern

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For serious, can’t talk. Too busy.

So here’s a photo of a bunch of Shepard’s Wool. I didn’t buy them all, sadly. But I did manage to get first dibs this time instead of picking off the leftovers. =D

IMG_1500 IMG_1509These two are the ones I got for myself. Not entirely sure what to do yet, but there’s plenty yardage for a cabled slouchy hat or a pair of mismatching finger-less mittens. Unfortunately the skeins I bought are too different to use together easily. That’s why they’re called Crazy!

If I can’t think of anything, they’re likely to be added to my one-off collection aka stash, and then used next year for the mega-KAL.

Why is it so difficult to choose a project?

Generally I have difficulty due to two factors: Color and Cost. First of all, if I don’t like the color of the example project I have difficulty imagining it with a different colorway. If the yarn at my disposal has a uniqueness to it, I’m also less likely to use it because if the nature of it being a one-off purchase. Which comes to issue no 2. If it costs too much in yarn then it is more difficult for me to want to make it. Typically though if the color, size, complexity, and imagery of the project comes together in such a way that I can imagine myself wearing the piece near daily; I am more likely to purchase the pattern and obtain the correct yarn for it.

I live in a town where there are at least 10 different quality yarn shops. And each of these shops overlap in some products, but are also varied in style and stock. I buy Quince n Co. at Twisted when I make their proprietary patterns. I buy Yak and Silk luxury merino blends from independent dyers at Pearl Fiber Arts. When I become wealthy enough, I’ll probably buy Brooklyn Tweed at Knit/Purl. And if I have a baby or finally get a puppy, I’ll probably start frequenting Dublin Bay for their Frog Tree and imported Irish yarns.

I’d probably go crazy if I frequented any of the other ones. So many different millers, spinners, dyers, designers, and notions!

When’s RCYC 2016?…March…right…squee!!


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