more biting

This year has started off with a bang. And by bang I mean bites. And by bites I mean Lucy.

She has managed to:

a) draw blood

b) bite attack the both of us

c) bite the top of my foot

I’m not sure if its the holiday vacation we just had, or if something happened at home while we were away, but the little butthead is now a soft fluff because of how often we’ve had to spray her down for bad behavior. Sudo bath time.

Her neediness for food is about the same.

Her neediness for attention is about the same.

Her neediness to sit on Jonathan has probably tripled over the holiday. I can literally hear her purring over the sounds of the radio, tv, and computer games. I can literally hear her purring over a full world boss event fight in Guild Wars 2. That’s approximately 100 toons all in one zone fighting the same thing. It’s noisy, loud, and confusing…purr purr purr.

What I have noticed though is that she is not coo-purring as much. It’s a very heavy deep purring. IDK, I’m probably over thinking and she’s fine.

Like last night, she had a good ten minute session of running buck wild all over the apartment. Later we found a weird swirled tuft of fur in the hallway that look liked she had snagged and ripped a patch off of herself. She’s totally fine.

Stoopie cat making us worry.

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Lucy bit me three times in as many separate attacks.

Bite 1 and 2: 1st pounce.

Bite 3: 2nd pounce.

3rd pounce I moved my arm away faster than her face could catch it with her teeth.

And why was she pouncing you ask? –Because I didn’t want her snuggling on top of me. -_-

This cat is do damn picky, needy, independent, obnoxious, selfish, snuggly, wet-nosed, precious…

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The results of this weekend: bites…so many bites… =(

I think Lucy may have given up on being nice. We’re back to about what we were at a year ago in terms of occupational hazards of having a cranky cat. Her patience level since the overnight adventure has been cut dramatically resulting in unprovoked bite-run-eat behavior. *sigh* My poor kitty.

Inventory –

Saturday: 3 bites, 1 scratch    Sunday: 2 bites    Monday: 1 nibble, 2-paw-bite

2-paw-bites are the worst. When she does this she is genuinely angry and lashing out. Her typical bite on the weekends is because I’m still in bed, she’s locked in the room with me, and she wants me to wake up and let her out. The 2-paw-bite is full on aggression and reactive to whatever situation she deems annoying. Last nights attack was a result of booping. She didn’t want anything do with any booping whatsovever.  She’s like the worst window shopper ever.

Go to the store (engage in snuggle puddle)ofMt0mC

Look at the stuff (purr and nuzzle)

Debate on what to buy (continued purring with flicking tail)

Steal something when no one is looking, because you just haaaaad to (bite-run-eat)

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