planning ahead

I spent a lot of time last night thinking about how I want to make up for being a shitty non-existent entity of my extended family that lives relatively close by.

I’ve felt bad about it for a long time now, but I think I have a plan to fix this even if I am still relatively distant.


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…because I already started. XD


– Wish I had it right now. This marks the things I want the most. Generally something that I can use at the moment. Or you know, just ‘cuz.

A – Always on my mind. These are things I constantly think about. Do it need it? Do I really need it? Could I use it right now? Could I make up an excuse to use it right now?

N – Need this, now! It’s so cool, dude. I totes want this in my house or on my person!!

T – Too many cats for this, but it’s still beautiful. Leaps and bounds, or maybe $5, out of my price range. It’s nice to look at, but I know I’ll never use/wear it. *le sigh*

I’m generally really bad at asking for things, especially where it comes to expensive items. And expensive to me is like…$35. So this year I’m getting a jump on things to make my Christmas List which doubles as a checklist for myself of things I can possibly afford…in the future? If I save up for it.

The acronym doesn’t really dictate price ranges or accessibility except for those things labeled T. T is for the things that are way over priced that I think are cool, but don’t actually want….but kind of want…so the least needy. W. A. &  N. are all fair game and rank between W – really super want and could buy for myself in the nearfuture, A – really really want, and N – this would be so awesome.

With so many window-shopping experiences online it’s difficult to keep track of things on the various eCommerce sites I visit. This way I can keep a list in one place to reference when necessary.

If I really actually wanted something, I will really actually add it to the list. The effort makes it real.


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