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May Update

Oh blog, I have not forgotten about you, I promise. Lately I just haven’t felt like enough project work has been happening to really warrant a new post. The new apartment is pretty sweet and I’ve been trying to keep up with keeping it nice and fresh so it doesn’t aggravate Jonathan’s allergies. So, busy… Read more »

April Update

Hello!!! I haven’t updated in AGES! First post of April and it’s already over half way through the month, my bad. A lot has happened over the past few weeks that I’m just now getting settled into a routine for work, housekeeping, cat attendance, knitting, and other…crafting… So, in that order: Work. Things are kinda… Read more »

Little bit of Lace, Little bit of Bulky

Have you ever worked with lace weight yarn and found it to bring out the hater in you? Have you ever worked with lace weight 100% mulberry silk yarn and found it to break your knitting spirit? I think for this entire year I have a grand total of 5 FO’s compared to last years… Read more »

Technically Spinning

Last month I went to a fiber festival called Black Sheep Gathering, (read about it here). It was my first time to this particular event, and my third fiber related event overall, aside from the Rose City Yarn Crawl. My particular interest in this event stems from this years additional hobby that I picked up last fall: spinning…. Read more »

Project Roundup

Current WIPs — Gehry Wrap: 50% done Frosty Acorn: 85% done RCYC MCAL – 65% done Polwarth/Silk Spinning: 30% done Crosspatch Spinning 50% done Burton Vestigan: 50% done, need to get more yarn Mayu – 85% done, need to finish sleeves Jonathan sweater attempt #4: Just started Playground shawl: A grudgingly 10% done, might frog… Read more »

Friday the 13th

Nah nothing creepy to report here! The only coincidental happening would be that Jonathan decided to go into work late which resulted in him randomly running into a friend of ours who happens to be our mailman, and who is married to my hair stylist. #smallworld Speaking of the world: we’re down to 12 days… Read more »

Maybe it’s the coffee?

In tandem with feeling massive amounts of anxiety lately here are some of the things I’ve been working on to channel that potentially self-destructive behavior into something constructive. And yes I have to admit that the sweater I was working on for my husband will not be ready by the time we leave for Ireland…. Read more »

Spin Spin Spin!

And not the stationary bicycle kind! I now have two skeins of sizable length in which to make sizable shawls. The first being the three ply I made earlier this year in white and blues. The second is a merino of similar quantity, but in mostly pinks and purples. This second one I am Andean plying, aka… Read more »