And not the stationary bicycle kind!

I now have two skeins of sizable length in which to make sizable shawls. The first being the three ply I made earlier this year in white and blues. The second is a merino of similar quantity, but in mostly pinks and purples. This second one I am Andean plying, aka chain ply, since it is all the same braid instead of individual bumps.

Now what to make?

I definitely want to make a Lingon shawl. And I definitely need to work down my Ravelry queue (ugh, I keep adding to it!). And most definitely work down my purchased pattern library in Ravelry as well as my magazines and books.

Ok ok, but really. Here’s an updated list of things I am/should be working on.

Redford Sweater

This is a pattern from Brooklyn Tweed by Julie Hoover. I’m making it with knit picks stroll tweed because…well honestly, price. If I was making this sweater for myself I wouldn’t feel bad about putting up the cash for Brooklyn Tweed yarn, but since it is for my husband, and he was very particular about the color and material, we went a bit on the cheaper side. So far I have a sleeve done. So. Much. Stockinette. OMG. But I will persevere! This sweater must be completed by May 20th for our vacation!

Gehry Wrap

So this has been on CO mode for almost 4 months. Granted I have until the end of June, but still. Master plan: knit this puppy on the 18 hour plane ride across the planet. Realistic plan: start now, have it on the needles, pray TSA doesn’t take it away from me (Chiaogoo needles are metalic with a thick red lined cable to prevent kinking).

Teasdale Shawlette

This is the April megaKAL project of the month. I already made May’s project, only #2 FO for the year #sadface. So this gives me the rest of this month and May to complete. Mostly this is a counter project to Redford so I don’t go insane with all the plain stockinette.

What have I completed recently though?

Two hats!

Ok so one is the Beeswax hat for the March megaKAL project. I gifted it to my friend Lauren for her birthday. She’s part of a group my husband became friends with last year that play the arcade game Killer Queen at our local barcade Ground Kontrol. Beeswax hat with honeycomb motif, video game about bees, perfect. XD


Secondly is a light lacy coral hat Lacylicous, though in worsted weight yarn. This is going to be for my cousin’s wife Melaine. I just met her for the first time last weekend at my other cousin’s wedding and we definitely hit it off! She’s very sweet and really smart too!



All in all, I think my knitting plans for the next few months are reasonable. Goals, attainable…maybe…Redford sweater…omg…

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Out and about this Easter Sunday I happened upon a neighborhood cat in the Alphabet District. Little guy was not interested in people, but rather on munching the green-way greens.

I got a few shots of him partaking of his daily green. I’m pretty sure he knew what he was doing. The area is not exactly pet friendly in that there is a lot of car traffic along NW 23rd. Cat seemed pretty content to saunter up to the patches of grass and take himself a few mouth-fulls.

Knitting progress…? Ok so it’s coming down to the wire here. March is almost done so I have to hurry up on the crown decreases of my Beeswax hat so I can start April’s KAL project. Additionally I need to get crackin’ on a hat for my cousin’s wife. ALSO I need to finish up my Campside shawl for my other cousin’s wedding next next weekend which I will be presenting to her and my other FO I need to make as well as give my Poe shawl to my mother’s cousin. Eek!

Here’s an update as well on how the hair is holding up!

Looking pretty awesome to me. The perm is still there so it’s slightly wavy. I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that my hair is this awesome color. XD I got a lot of compliments over the weekend though! Every time I look in the mirror, a window reflection, etc…surprise!!! PURPLE HAIR!!!

It’s been a pretty epic week and a half here. Definitely the longest I’ve ever celebrated anything. Thanks for the love everyone! <3



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Success! I didn’t get the flu this year so I was able to check out a few of the shops!


This year the rcyc started a day early! WHO DOES THAT? I was a little irked that the stores were making their exclusives and having trunk shows starting on Thursday. A lot of people have jobs, a lot of people are coming from out of state, a lot of people are  attending! That last bit though is probably why they extended the crawl by a whole day. This year they didn’t have a yarn ball either (pre-party).

Enough of the self-deluded griping and on to the goodies!!

rcyc haul

From leftish to rightish:

A. Thoroughly Thwacked 60/40 Merino Bamboo fiber braid gradient Bleeding Heart

B. Alexandra’s Crafts 50/50 Merino Yak down fiber braid. No official color way name, but it is a dark red/black

C. Twist and Turnings 2.25″ African Padauk Whorl with a 9.5″ Maple shaft. 26g/0.95oz

D. Ashland Bay Cheviot natural roaving. 0.5oz for testing purposes

E. Alexandra’s Crafts Custom Colorway for Pearl Fiber Arts. Cedar Creek 85/15 SW Merino Neps in Mushroom

F. Alexandra’s Crafts 2 skeins Black Butte 60/20/20 Merino, Silk, and Yak down. In the color way Deep Purple.

G. Solstice Alpenrose DK SW Merino in Lake Washington

H. Solstice Luna Sport 80/10/10 SW Merino, Cashmere, Nylon in Cherry Blossom

I. Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Targhee-Columbian Wool in Postcard

J. Madeline Tosh Tosh Merino Light SW Merino in Filtered Light

K. Chiaogoo Red Lace  size US15 24″ fixed circular needles

L. Unicorn Wash!


Most of the items are brands that are new to me or material that is new to me. For spinning the Merino/Bamboo blend was my first spinning project. I like it a lot and have since learned how to navajo ply so I picked up a gradient specifically for that purpose. Additionally the yak down was just too poofy and soft to pass up. And at $30 for a whole 4oz of a luxury fiber? Yes please!

I had been avoiding using Brooklyn Tweed because of reports of the weakness of the ply. So I decided to go with Shelter, the worsted weight yarn they offer. It sure is spongy and hopefully lives up to it’s name. This is the only skein I purchased at the crawl that is not some sort of merino blend. I’m not settled on what I want to make with it, but signs are pointing towards hat.

Additionally I had my eye on splattered yarns. I’ve seen some people around town sporting this type of hand painted yarn in hat form and I want one for myself! I’m familiar with Madeline Tosh yarns so I know it will turn out really well. Also I’ve used Thoroughly Thwacked’s Vixen single ply yarns I find myself liking the stitch definition a lot more than other yarns, especially with lace projects. Tosh Merino Light is a single ply so this skein probably won’t end up as a hat, and if it does I may hold it double.

Next comes the Solstice yarns dyed in Portland by the Dublin Bay Knitting Co. gals at the same named shop. I have already started a project with the Alpenrose Dk. First impressions? This is a really sturdy yarn. It is super wash merino at a reasonable 280 yards for $26.   Perhaps it is because I’m making a hat, but at this point the semi-solid nature of the dye job is making some areas pool with the darker dye. The yarn itself also has some variation in thickness and softness. Overall I’d give this a 8/10 for those issues pointed out. Once the project is off the needles I may revisit my analysis. I do feel I need to make a sweater out of this yarn before I pass final judgement. =)

Little Red

In addition to upping the variety of yarns I use, I chose also to up my skills in drop spindling by purchasing a new spindle without a notch. I’ve decided to name it Little Red since it is the smallest, and cutest, of the two spindles I now currently own. At just under an ounce, I’ve used the Cheviot to try it out and boy is it light! I think I can make some really nice three ply lace weights with this spindle…with enough practice of course. The Kundert is still my workhorse that I seem to always have a project going on.

Lastly comes the Unicorn Wash. I see this stuff everywhere! I’ve been using some wool wash that came with the Knit Picks blocking mats. Small little bottles of soapy smelling stuff that I’m not entirely sure why there were two different kinds because they smelled the same. I’ll have to do more investigation into the difference between an wool soak and an actual wool wash. But that’s for another time.

TL;DR Bought stuff that I haven’t used before in new brands, color ways, and material. Pretty excited for this year’s knitting projects!




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Here’s a sneak peak at some stuff I’ve been working on. =3

The Pepperberry I got for Christmas from Noriko is working out really awesomely! The shawl is a basic elongated 6 increase triangle. I’m having to get creative with my color striping though at the end. It’s so wide! I already know it’s going to be light and cozy for spring!

img_2309.jpg     img_2300.jpg

img_2313.jpgI’ve really gotten into my next spinning project as well. The second half of the masham wool is spinning up really well in a heavy lace weight ply. Hopefully I can figure out navajo plying on my drop spindle to be able to make this into a 3 ply dense enough for the Mega KAL project in March. The Honeycomb Hat.

One of the perks of living in Portland are the plethora of unique yarn shops. Yarnia is one of those rare specialty shops you’d never expect! This is mix and match heaven. They recently celebrated their 8th birthday and with that a special cone blend (blue).

There are only a limited number of them so I went early and snagged mine. It is an aran weight bamboo blend. I’m not sure what I’ll make with it, but I’m pretty sure this guy may end up as a shopping tote or a makeup pouch.  Just need to get my hands on a decent large toothed zipper.


I also picked up some additional fingering weight cones in a nice peachy pink color. This is also a bamboo blend that I plan on turning into a summer tunic or skirt. The only downside to these stranded cones are grabbing all the strands in each stitch. I tried to make a swatch on Sunday that ended in misery. Oh bamboo, why you gotta be so…bamboo-y…lol

Thankfully bamboo doesn’t grow so I’ll probably fudge the numbers here soon and make something nice and light for myself.



My favorite lunch spot gifted me this hibiscus scented decorative soap from Thailand. I mean really c’mon, how freakin’ awesome is that?!

It’s smells heavenly and sits on my desk at work. It’s nice to be appreciated as a customer, and to have this beautiful flower within gentle sniffing distance. If you have been following my blog, you know my abysmal track record with indoor plants. Thankfully this one is made out of soap.




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In the bag. This is the last work day of the month!

I guess it flew by, but this week has definitely dragged on. So lets talk about happy things, like ME and my projects! =)

First off I have to mention that my hair is finally long again. Long enough to pull back into a little pony tail. I forget how this makes my face look much narrower, how much I look like my mom, and how Korean it makes me appear as well. Heh. I am what I am, and I no longer have poof going on at the shoulders. Mid-April I believe will be the 1 year mark since I cut it really short before our Costa Rica adventure and I do feel like my hair growth has slowed somewhat. It may just be due to the perm though. By this coming May I’m sure it’ll be a nice mid shoulder length with plenty of styleability.

Ok now for projects:

  1. I’ve started plying my master project. I grossly miscalculated how much yardage each ply was going to be. I may end up in the 300 yard range by the time I’m done. I haven’t even gotten half way through and my spindle is almost at capacity!

  2. Christmas spinning results are in and it looks like my Mountain Sapphires will be a little neck warmer. Nice and thick! I’m doing a basic garter stitch scarf, but to spice things up a bit I’m going to drop sections and reloop them using a crochet hook to make big stitches. I’m pretty stoked for this even though the scarf isn’t going to be that long. Will be making a button border at the end.
  3. Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Knit Along: That’s a mouthful. It’s started! Clue 1 came out this week Wednesday, and the next three clues will be coming out once a week for the next three weeks. I’m pretty excited and thankful I had the foresight to ask Cindy for help picking colors! I did keep to the plan and I’m excited how the cowl is going to turn out!
  4. Master Plan Spinning Project 2 is manifesting itself. Noriko released a bulky weight hat last year that I want to spin yarn to make. Yeah bulky, yeah spinning for an actual project, yeah yeah!!



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IMG_1881 This holiday season started off with a bang! We went to the Multnomah Whiskey Library for Jonathan’s birthday. Granted it was the day after, but it was still awesome. About 2/3 of the menu was ordered on top of our tasty drinks. Jonathan was a little disappointed because he wanted more, but the servers were noticeably unavailable after everyone’s second drink…

IMG_1888 Thanksgiving Day itself was much cheerier. Split up again between his and mine. We started off the festivities at his Aunt Tammy and Uncle Dan’s. Here’s a photo of my mother-in-law Cindy snuggly with Sam, the old blue ribbon champion. Creamsicle twins for the win!

After dinner we headed to my parent’s, but my brother had arrived early so they had eaten already. That didn’t stop me from raiding the fridge and getting in some salmon sashimi, while eating home made pumpkin pie, rice, mashed potatoes with gravy, and roasted brussle sprouts.



Also, it’s not really a family party until Aunt Tammy’s feral cats make an appearance!

My sleepy Luce-Juice was thoroughly unimpressed by Thanksgiving abandonment.

Sleepy Lucy


Friday I came into the office to hold down the fort. Afterwards I headed off to Pearl Fiber Arts where Thoroughy Thwacked was having a pop-up shop trunk show. I couldn’t resist! Even though I don’t spin I ended up with a braid of fiber in addition to some super awesome yarnses!!

The Abyss below I’m saving for the MKAL at the end of January. Excited! I hear tell that it’s not strictly going to be a shawl this year. I’m curious and a little apprehensive at the same time. Either way it’s going to look fantastic and be super warm and soft thanks to this yarn!


Mom has been cooing over my Paulette shawl the last two times I visited and she finally asked me for one. She wanted yellow, but as you can see that yellow is NEON yellow. Not a bad color, but the Paulette shawl is a two tonned project and mom insisted on a single color. I sent her the best true to color photo I could take and she decided on the orange. Just as bright as the yellow, but much less of a neon burn. hehe…


 But look at those colors! It would be super awesome in the orange and the yellow together…le sigh…

Here’s my holiday knitting to do list:

Cindy: Hat (completed)

Mom: Leg warmers (started)

Dad: Blanket (started)…ya really I’m making him a lap blanket. I’m already more than 1/3 of the way through. Not stopping now!

aaand surprisingly that’s it for holiday knitting that I need to get done before Christmas. =)

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Yep today I managed to leave the house wearing four handknits!

What I got going on:

I’m not going to post a selfie…because I don’t do those things. But dang do I feel super cute today!

Portland had a fall, but I think we just fell into our normal wet season routine. We’ve had two major rain storms in the past month counting the crazy that happened on Halloween. Here are some shots from around my neighborhood from Tuesday night.

NE 60th & Glisan

NE 60th & Glisan

Ned Flanders & 60th

Ned Flanders & 60th

Thankfully no one pulled a jerk move and splashed me, but some people were flying down the street further up before realizing the deep pools closer to Glisan.

The train ride home was a little precarious at the Convention Center stop. It is at an upward angle and there was a decent sized stream of water flowing down the tracks. >.<


The rain doesn’t seem to bother Lucy at all.



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My productivity scale for the last month has relatively strong. I’m almost max level with a character in Guild Wars 2. I finished knitting a hat. I’m almost done with a kids sweater. Jonathan’s scarf got another inch or two done, and my Paloma is sitting on the sidelines.

The easiest way for me to knit is with a movie I’ve seen many times playing in the background. So I decided to get my work done with the help of Miss. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Lucy approves and too was captivated by the handsome Mr. Darcy.


IMG_1391            IMG_1389


The slug kitty is having a special moment as I usually don’t let her on the desk, but she really wanted to see what I was doing. My arms were free to knit and she had full view of the monitor. Oh yes, Mr. Darcy you are the best when putting Miss Caroline Bingly in her place. I always forget how much I dislike her character and then am reminded how infinitely shallow she is.

The old BBC version of Pride and Prejudice will always be my favorite. Just like the old The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe will always be my favorite versions of those books. There’s nothing like good ole’ turn of the 1990’s computer graphics and photography!

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