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I feel sad

My sister is moving a way. I feel sad. Last night was the last time I’ll see her until Thanksgiving. It’s like the past 6 years. But this time she’s not a 2 hour drive away. I’m sad. *written in homage to the way she used to write notes around the house when she was… Read more »

So much to do, So little time

I have 620 projects in my ravelry queue. Most of these projects I will probably never even attempt, but many of them are in the general range of intermediate/advanced area which keeps the project interesting enough, and complex enough, for me to want to finish them. I guess now though that may never happen due… Read more »

Kitty Emotions

Sometimes I really do think Lucy is able to express human-like emotions. Basic emotions. Nothing complex like disappointment or jealousy. Basics, like hunger, loneliness, desiring attention, an affinity for a person or object, a dislike of a person or object. This morning was a first in many weeks that she sprinted into the bedroom once… Read more »