My sister is moving a way. I feel sad.

Last night was the last time I’ll see her until Thanksgiving. It’s like the past 6 years.

But this time she’s not a 2 hour drive away.

I’m sad.

*written in homage to the way she used to write notes around the house when she was a kid.

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I have 620 projects in my ravelry queue.

Most of these projects I will probably never even attempt, but many of them are in the general range of intermediate/advanced area which keeps the project interesting enough, and complex enough, for me to want to finish them. I guess now though that may never happen due to student loans entering repayment. *Sigh*. I only have myself to blame, and I feel quite a bit frustrated and overwhelmed by the monthly payments.

I don’t think I will ever stop knitting. It’s the only tangible thing I’ve ever produced since all my work work is digital. The feeling of accomplishment from graduating college I thought would last longer than this too. Overall I guess I’m a bit forlorn.

So here’s a picture of Lucy glaring at me from this weekend because I wouldn’t let her snuggle on top of me. She really enjoys laying on these plastic bins.

Tub Glaring

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Sometimes I really do think Lucy is able to express human-like emotions. Basic emotions. Nothing complex like disappointment or jealousy. Basics, like hunger, loneliness, desiring attention, an affinity for a person or object, a dislike of a person or object. This morning was a first in many weeks that she sprinted into the bedroom once the door was open. She jumped onto the bed and immediately snuggled down on top of me. Jonathan say’s she misses us.

Saturday she puked up a very large hairball in the hallway in front of our bedroom door. Lingering distress from it might be why she was so needy this weekend.  Baby wasn’t interested in kibble this morning. Baby didn’t want us to leave for work either. The poor Lucy.

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