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1 Paw, 2 Paw, Snugg Paw, Sleepy Paw

Lucy has a talent of presenting her paws when cozied up for snuggles in bed. One paw out means she’s pretty relaxed and doesn’t mind a bit of jostling that occurs when we join her.¬†Two paws out means she’s pretty much ready for sleep if not already asleep. Warm enough that she isn’t balled up… Read more »

Sleepin’ Like a Boss

Caught the bunny-cat in full sleep mode. She usually wakes up when I approach her. Totally passed out. Probably exhausted her self chasing house flies and migrating between the sun spots in the dining room, living room, and bathroom. That. Fuzzy. Belly. Do. NOT. Touch. It.

Where Lucy Sleeps

Last night, le Cat decided to sleep in such an awkward position we thought she was having a seizure. She was laying on her right side with her chin turned up so that the top of her head was level on the notebook and shoe box she was sleeping on. Turned out she was just… Read more »