Lucy is not partial to blankets or heavy snuggling. When you present a blanket, sheet, pillow, or other cloth item in front of her she tends to bolt in the opposite direction. Not sure why.

Gradually over the past year I’ve managed to convince her that nothing bad will happen when safely tucked into the bed.


Step 1: Gently tuck sheet around kitty. Let kitty know that you’re doing it.


Step 2: Gently layer comforter on top of the sheet careful not to tuck in the sides and upset the kitty.


Step 3: Place last blanket layer on top. Make sure the head is not covered or else immediate expulsion of kitty position will occur and you will be left cat-less.

If you’re lucky, and stop breathing, moving, and otherwise existing, kitty will stay for a few minutes.

IMG_1844An optional pre-step is to lay in bed for half an hour so that kitty knows it is bed time and is comfortable. Kitty will readjust herself as the ambient bed temperature rises. At any given point she may even lay across you with paws out. This is a good indicator that kitty is relaxed and content.

*Do not attempt this gentle snuggle technique if kitty is still riled up from the arrival of all humans back to the nest or if kitty is hungry.

**Do not attempt to place kitty into a tuckable position, she will leave almost immediately.

***Do not piss-off the cat.

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Lucy has a talent of presenting her paws when cozied up for snuggles in bed.

One paw out means she’s pretty relaxed and doesn’t mind a bit of jostling that occurs when we join her. Two paws out means she’s pretty much ready for sleep if not already asleep. Warm enough that she isn’t balled up or harassing us for comfort.

Only when two paws are out and crossed am I allowed to safely touch her jelly beans.



Granted she bit me a lot last night because I wouldn’t let her rub her cold wet nose all over my arm: dab dab dab hey wake up and pay attention to me dabdabdab meowwwm.

Lucy has started a habit of getting into bed before either of us are ready. She usually pads down for the night in one of the chairs, so when I haven’t been able to find her, she’s been on the bed napping. I’m not sure why she’s doing that since the apartment isn’t very cold; and especially last night since I was cooking chicken. Totally not like her to be dis-interested. I guess taking care of her dad who was home all day yesterday with a cold tired her little kittiness out.

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IMG_1387 Sometimes I wonder what the Juice is thinking.

She’s a small kitty, with big emotions. I’m pretty sure she’s always contemplating escape routes, but then just decides to take a nap instead.

Her little boopable nose is just unbearable sometimes and I have to bother her. It’s only fair. She bothers me every chance I get to sit on the couch by sitting on me, and invariably my knitting. Stabby McClaws is too precious to turn away. Or is that my own fault for not having boundaries with the cat? Nah…

“Pffft,” I say to those human rules we try to impose on house bound animals!

I wonder if Jonathan will let me dress her up for Halloween this year.

I could easily whip up a little pirate vest, or a kitty sized wig, or a cape! Nananananananana Bat-Cat!!

Sometimes I can hear her thinking, “Why are you doing that?”, “I want to kill that”, “OMGOMG I JUST POOPED”, “Stop looking at me.”, “Why aren’t you petting me?”, “Yeah…I’m not moving”, “Where’s Jonathan?”, etc.

I get the “Where’s Jonathan?” a lot in body language and meowing communication.


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Sleepy sleeps kitty:




I think the Purr has gotten used to the heat, as we all have had to, as we haven’t been using the AC much the past month.

It has been a brutal summer: 100 degree weather that lasts more than two days and then  bouncing between 78 and 98. This morning was a nice cool overcast sunrise with the tell tale grey clouds and a smidge of mist in the air. Ahh….good ole’ Portland fall weather.

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IMG_0833 - Copy

Lucy likes to chew on plastic.

Lucy likes to chew on plastic at 5am.

Lucy likes to run away from me at 5am for chewing on plastic.

Lucy likes to chew on plastic in the living room after I’ve settled back into bed.

Lucy gets sprayed with water at 5am.


IMG_0837 - Copy

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