Here she is, in all her glory. The second Hatfield scarf for Jonathan and just in time for the fall weather to finally kick in here in Portland. This time around it’s the same Stone Hedge Fiber Mill Shepard’s Wool and colorway, but in superwash! The piece blocked really well. A lot better actually that I thought it would. I was worried at one point that it would pucker along the edges instead of sitting straight. You can see in the photograph above that I pinned into the bordering cables, every third twist, for consistency. The edge itself managed itself as it dried on the blocking mats.

For reference, here’s a picture of them together.

I’m still surprised at how well he managed to felt the first scarf so evenly through wear. The bloom from the felting on the old scarf makes it appear to be a lighter color, but they are indeed the same grey heather colorway.


Width comparison. The blocked new scarf is nearly twice as wide! The stitch definition is still quite visible too. The image below came out so well because I pulled the old scarf into a somewhat distinguishable shape.


It took a long time to make this. Longer than it should have. >.< I’ve been working on it off and on since March. Jonathan picked out the yarn at the Rose City Yarn Crawl.

The piece is about 50″+ long and 10″+ wide. Jonathan tried it on last night and it’s long enough for him to wrap it twice the way he likes. =)

Hopefully this one lasts longer than a single winter season!




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