Most noticeable of my Lucy cat is her curiosity, especially with smells. She’ll sniff¬†laundry, the tip of your finger, and any other thing she comes across or has recently moved location in the apartment. If the window is open, she is desperate to get close and smell the smells wafting in from the great outdoors. We have urban chickens, two outdoor cats, squirrels, and human traffic all well within earshot, so naturally they are also within smell-shot.




Her desire for the outdoors is not limited to the smells of outside coming from outside, but also from the outside we bring into the apartment. A few weeks ago Jonathan and I went to the Herb Shoppe and bought some salts. One was a basic sea salt. The other smelled ashy and burnt like a camp fire (and also tastes FABULOUS). I put my bag down in the usual place and went about my usual at home routine, only to be interrupted by the sounds of rustling in plastic. (My shopping bag is a reusable nylon/plastic bag, the kind that can be tucked into itself with a little attached pouch). She was investigating my bag, which smelled heavily of the camp fire ash. If I get up to check on her antics, she usually runs away, so this photo was taken from afar at the dining room table.




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Pro-Tip: Medicine your cat in the middle of the day when it’s hot and the cat is at it’s laziest.

Lucy has been re-scratching. The flea collar doesn’t seem to be holding up as well as I had hoped. Thankfully, @hylaweb gave me some Advantage that she didn’t need anymore (her cats don’t go outside and live on the 3rd floor). Jonathan sneaked out and left me to fend for myself with Dagger Nails McBitey Face. She was laying in her favorite spot next to the door.

As I perch down in an Asian squat next to her, gently petting her head and letting her sniff my hand. She knew. She knew and she didn’t like it. She knew, she didn’t like it, and she gave me a stink face. I see her now, sitting in her spot again with a new piece of weekly flyer licking her toes. -Sigh-, ¬†I did not achieve any advantage with her that round. Lucy was all too aware of the medicine in my other hand.

So I sat down and tried to watch The Woman in Black. Bad idea. 7pm rolled around. It was still light out and Lucy was puddled on the window sill spacing out in the heat and watching the neighbors going in and out of the complex. The idea struck me to get her under the collar with the medicine. MUAHAHAH. Genius!

Right hand out as a peace offering. Petting her nose.

Left hand out of her field of view. Advantage administered!

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