The Year of the Distracted

This may not be the year of the monkey, but instead the year of the distracted. It’s already March and I don’t have a single FO. NOT ONE. Compared to last year where I had at least three knitted objects blocked, dried, and neatly folded away….sigh…

Now I wouldn’t go so far as to blame it on my new spinning hobby, but you could say it has snagged a lot of my dedicated crafting time since the beginning of the year. At this point though I absolutely must get my UFO’s done and out of the way.  I need my needles!

Upcoming projects with hard deadlines:

March 12th: Baby Giraffe hat and diaper cover

April 9th: Robyn’s shawl

May 23rd: Jonathan’s Sweater

June 21st: Ghery Wrap

Currently on the needles:

  1. Bamboo Split Tank Top
  2. Pepper Berry shawl
  3. Hipstamatic
  4. Lady Olivia Mitts
  5. Beeswax Hat – I’ve spun my own yarn for this. Super excited!


  1. 2016 RCYC MKAL

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