Wet Cat Food: You’re Going to Have a Bad Time

I always want my kitty around.

She makes me laugh and smile.

I always want my kitty around to cuddle.

Even when it results in the vile.

Yup, the Lucy-furr has started biting aggressively again on a regular basis. It may indeed be entirely my fault though. I started feeding her wet food semi-regularly and now she demands it every meal. Nope, kitty. Not going to do it.

Over the past week I’ve accumulated numerous bites and bruises from my cat using me as a launch pad off the bed. I don’t know why she hasn’t figured it out yet, in her 12 glorious years, that when we say OWCH, it really means something. It’s not some magical word generated as an afterburner to speed our approach to fill her food bowl. Thankfully she’s only interested in harassing me after 8am. Yet even so, her tactics never change and always result in a bite. Neither of us are good at this.

  1. 1. Purr purr purr
  2. 2. Stomp stomp stomp
  3. 3. Stand on you with two front paws…all weight forward…slowly sink down to a snuggle
  4. 4. Purr louder and LOUDER
  5. 5. Short huffing purrs
  6. 6. BITE: usually the hand or the arm, whichever is the most convenient.

I’m headed over to this year’s Year to Date┬ápage to uptick the count. She was doing so well compared to the past few years I’ve been recording her kitty angst. I hope as the year progresses I’ll be able to feed her wet food on a regular basis instead of as a treat. I feel like she really needs it as kibble isn’t all that interesting to her since about May of last year.

A result of us having taken a vacation two years in a row? I’m not sure. She is a kitty after all, and her short term memory doesn’t seem to be very accurate.

The meows though…unbearably cute!

For my own vain purposes, it’s nice to have her full attention when I feed her wet food. She meows, does a figure eight through my legs, and then sits primly awaiting her meal. SO CUTE. Unbearably cute. I want her to be happy.


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