WIN 2017:K-Beauty January Bag First Impressions

Hi there, so last year I was getting Ipsy bags. $10 a month, cute little makeup pouch + 5 samples with 1 being deluxe size. I really liked these bags, but realized I was quickly collection a lot of makeup samples that I would never use. After a few months lurking on /r/AsianBeauty I came across some rather interesting alternatives for my monthly fix.

  • With some basic Google-fu I came across Beeju’s website that has a great subscription box directory. Some are subscription and some are curated packages so you know before you buy. There’s a large¬†range of prices, product, and type to fulfill all your snail mail desires!

I decided to go with WIN: What Is Next after I saw a few posts on Reddit. It’s $14 a month, no hidden shipping fees, and it comes with 5 samples and a makeup pouch. Granted it’s $4 more expensive than Ipsy, but the items you get are specifically Korean brands only and are skin care rather than makeup.

We’ve been having some really terrible weather lately, so I only just received my first January box. Super excited!

Here’s what I got:

WIN January 2017

Here’s what I think:

  1. The Ipsy pouches were much better quality. The pouch I received has a cute print, but the stitching of the bag is a little haphazard. The sample sizes are pretty good. I’ve seen some reviews of disappointed people who were expecting more, but I like what I got.
  2. Floral Pouch

3W Clinic Exfoliating Soap in Rosehip –

I’m pretty excited for this merely because of what it is. Bar soap. I used up a natural barsoap I had purchased from Trader Joes and was meaning to go back and buy another one. Now I don’t have to!

3W Clinic Rosehip 3W Clinic Rosehip - Front3W Clinic Rosehip - Back


Missha Bubble Maker & Face Sponge –

This I’m excited moreso for my husband. I have a Julep white teardrop shaped konjac sponge I use on my face. He…was trying to use the bath konjac sponge meant for the body…on his face. So this Missha products comes at a good time!

Missha Bubble Maker


Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Essential Scrub –

I hear great things about Skinfood’s Black Sugar scrub. My only complaint here is that the product was not sealed. Sure it’s not something that needs a tight lid, but there was no product seal on top of it. =\
Skin Food Black Sugar ScrubSkin Food Black Sugar Scrub- SideSkin Food Black Sugar Scrub - Open


Etude House True Relief Moist Emulsion –

This little guy is like trying to get ketchup out of a bottle. Really poorly designed sample packaging!! I don’t really need it either so I’m going to give it to a friend. (It smells a little weird, and also didn’t have a seal on the cap)
Etude House True Relief - Front

Etude House True Relief - BackEtude House True Relief - Open


Welcos Jeju Natural Face Mask –

I recently used the It’s Skin Honey mask and omg it was a game changer. Since then I’ve been trying to decide what direction I want to go with masking. I have the Bonvivant trio and an Innisfree Jeju volcanic mask that I need to use up before I go splurge on more facial products. When I saw the packaging for the Welcos mask I was pretty stoked to see a bee hive and the words Canola Honey Mask printed on it. I’ve read the ingredients and it doesn’t seem like the Canola part means canola oil. Thought there is PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil…and everything else seems normal. The honey extract and floral ingredients are at the end of the list…which I’m not super thrilled about, but it’s alright.

Welcos Jeju Natural Mask Welcos Jeju Natural Mask - Back

Individually I’d be willing to spend:

Bag seems worth about $1.99

Bar Soap seems worth about $8-$14

Skinfood sample seems worth about $2

Etude House sample seems worth about $3

Welcos mask seems worth about $3

So $14 vs. ~$20…I can live with that. =)


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